DJRFF Supporting Computer Science in Schools

We need to engage schoolchildren with computing in the same way that the British astronaut Tim Peake has been doing with science through the European Space Education programme.

As my own experience shows, universities have a vital role to play. They are doing some great work applying data science to real-world problems.

They could do more to share these projects with schools and help fire up those hungry young minds.

Witness the University of Salford’s Sports Analytics Machine, which looks at player performance to predict team outcomes, or how the University of Sheffield is achieving breakthroughs in dementia research through advanced data analytics.

Pupils should have the chance to see how the combination of curiosity, data and the latest technology is having an impact today.

We are doing our bit.

With my wife, we have launched the David and Jane Richards Family Foundation 
with £1.4m of our own money 
to provide hands-on computing and environmental programmes.