Project Manager

The David and Jane Richards Family Foundation is looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated project manager to join our efforts to improve education choices, preparing students for a data driven society. This role will report directly to the Trustees and Technical Advisor.

The key objectives for this role are:

  • Creating high quality teaching materials, workbooks and other curriculum content
    Content will be created by working closely with others in the Foundation and by engaging with partner organisations.
  • Engaging schools to implement our curriculum
    Proactively seeking out schools, determining readiness to deliver the curriculum, providing appropriately-scaled content.
  • Effective social media engagement
    Writing and sourcing blog content, a newsletter, and social media engagement across appropriate platforms.
  • Attend outreach events and conferences
    Promoting what The Foundation has to offer to education providers and discovering new delivery partners.
  • Administration of quality control
    Proofreading materials, assessing the impact of our curriculum on student outcomes, consistent use of Foundation branding.

We’re actively developing a new curriculum focused on understanding how concepts such as Big Data, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science and Personal Data affect students now and throughout their lives, for a more data-literate society, with skills relevant to the next generation of technology. In this role you will work closely with our Technical Advisor and partner organisations to translate this into high quality classroom materials. You will actively identify potential partners and manage engagement with them to ensure quality, financial and performance goals are met.

At the moment, our curriculum is being delivered in one school in Sheffield. We are planning for 2 or 3 more schools for the academic year of 2019/20 and subsequently a rapid rollout throughout the country. In this role you will actively seek-out schools and other education providers who will be ready to adopt our curriculum in full or in part, and ensure they have the appropriate training and support throughout. You will organise events to inform, train and support the education providers in the curriculum delivery.

As a new Foundation we highly value public engagement, and being able to spread our message effectively is a key objective for this role. This may mean reporting on progress and special events in the teaching schedule, or other Foundation news. In this role, you will identify, suggest and develop content for an effective communication strategy across our Website, Blog, Social Media and Newsletter.

In addition the role will require you to develop metrics to measure the efficacy of the course and outcomes.

Throughout your work, you will demonstrate a focus on quality and an entrepreneurial drive that recognises and develops nascent opportunities, as well as turning any setbacks into positive learning experiences.

We are looking for demonstrable experience in:

  • Managing projects to budgets and deadlines across organisations
  • Developing a targeted social media strategy for real world engagement
  • Learning new technologies and helping others in understanding them
  • Quality assurance and performance evaluation of external partners
  • Measurement and reporting of course efficacy

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